Chemistry for a Better Life
01. Purpose of Ethical Management
Ethical management is an essential survival principle for a company to gain trust from customers and society and to grow long-term in the 21st-century business environment, and it is the most basic management principle.
Ethical management puts ethics at the top of the list and enables corporate management to gain trust from stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, business partners, and society by performing work transparently, fairly, and reasonably in accordance with the Code of Ethics for all business activities.
Cosmo maximizes corporate value and fulfills its social responsibilities by managing the company transparently and fairly, For ethical management to become an integral part of Cosmo's culture, all executives and employees must enact an ethical promise as a standard for correct behavior and value judgment.
02. Basic spirit of ethical Management
Cosmo shares 'value management for customer satisfaction', 'responsible management based on creative knowledge', and 'open management faithful to the basics and integrity' as its management philosophy, and in accordance with the spirit of the management charter, we promote autonomous management based on autonomy and responsibility.
Cosmo will respect the free-market economic order that aims for free and fair competition, and perpetually develop into a world-class super company by pursuing common interests with all stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation.
Accordingly, we establish ethical promises as a standard for correct behavior and value judgment that all executives and employees must follow in performing their duties and pledge to practice.
03. Promise of Ethical Management
Cosmo's ethical promise is to continuously increase corporate value by strengthening management innovation and competitiveness based on transparent and fair management. It is a promise that must be kept for a company that customers want to do business with, shareholders want to invest in, employees want to work for, and a company that fulfills its social responsibilities.
  • - We put our customers first and provide the best value to our customers.
  • - Maximize corporate value through efficient management to enhance shareholder value.
  • - Pursue mutual trust and common development through transactions with partner companies.
  • - Recognize the dignity and value of each employee and allow their creativity to be fully demonstrated.
  • - Contribute to economic and social development with rational business development through sound corporate activities.