Chemistry for a Better Life
  • Value management for customer satisfaction
  • Responsible management based on creative knowledge
  • Open management faithful to basics and integrity
New Future, New Dream, New COSMO
In order to practice ESG management, Cosmo Group is taking the lead in environmental protection (Environment), actively engaging in social contribution activities (Social), and thoroughly complying with laws and ethics (Governance).
  • Strategic direction
    Advancement of business structure Enhancement of brand value Securing future engines Implementation of a happy workplace
  • Strategic tasks
    Strengthening core competencies / Improving profit structure Customer satisfied quality / Securing core technology Globalization strategy / Future competency development Establishing a flexible organization / Securing outstanding human resources
  • Talent
    Creativity Professionalism Initiative
  • Commitment to quality
    • The customer is always right, so we learn from the customer.
    • We transparently disclose quality issues and respond promptly.
    • Create and follow the right standards.
    • Reduce the cost of quality through thorough preventive activities.
    • Defective products are never shipped.
  • Ethical commitment
    • We put our customers first and provide the best value to our customers.
    • Maximize corporate value through efficient management to enhance shareholder value.
    • Pursue mutual trust and common development through transactions with partner companies.
    • Recognize the dignity and value of each employee and allow their creativity to be fully demonstrated.
    • Contribute to economic and social development with rational business development through sound corporate activities.